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Since its establishment in Canada over 19 years ago, Avron is a leading distributor of arts & crafts, furniture, food, as well as other essentials for schools, daycares, and retirement homes across the country and abroad. Avron provides customers with the tangible elements that they need to effectively do their jobs, while fulfilling supplementary services to ensure and maintain customer satisfaction. Today Avron continues to promise to strive to deliver its customers with an ideal shopping experience through maintaining its personable company culture and proven mission statement emphasizing focus, commitment, and reliability. Our glorious staff team members are diligently recruited to ensure the company operates in a way that aligns with the engaging, genial nature of this business. Here at Avron we understand and encourage the importance of investing in children’s education, especially in today’s rapidly paced world, and so we strive to ensure that we provide customers with the latest and leading goods in the market by continually introducing new and innovative products to our ever-growing portfolio. Having had a breadth of experience and continuous growth over the years, Avron has achieved the tools to consistently and exceptionally serve all of its customers. For our local customers we extend an eager invitation to visit our elaborate showroom showcasing many of our most successful product offerings. For those that are not in the area, please browse our highly designed, user-friendly website, or you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter. With any other inquiries you can reach us by telephone at: (905) 761-9752.



Classic Care Pharmacy was founded in 1996 for the purpose of exclusively providing medication and consulting services to Long Term Care Homes and Retirement Residences. With locations in London, Burlington and Ottawa, Classic Care currently service many Municipal, Non-Profit and For-Profit homes throughout Ontario. Classic Care remains an independently owned and family run business always accessible and responsive to all our customer’s unique needs.

Classic Care is committed to and continues to set the standard for medication safety through the employment of the most qualified individuals in the industry and through the use of leading edge pharmacy medication delivery programs. Classic Care is, however, much more than medications and technology. Classic Care’s employees are provided with continuous learning opportunities to acquire the necessary tools and expertise so that they may engage themselves fully to the best of their ability and to achieve their own personal goals. The provision of education to Classic Care’s healthcare team partners is an equally critical and unique component of Classic Care’s collaborative service model which is delivered to enhance best practice standards and achieve optimum quality control processes.

At its most fundamental, Classic Care’s business is people. Classic Care’s dynamic team is comprised of Certified Geriatric Consultant Pharmacists, Certified Diabetes Educators, Registered Nurses, Technology Coordinators, Certified Pharmacy Technicians, Senior Account Executive, and Customer Care Representatives. They are all dedicated professionals specializing in geriatric care with their primary focus on meeting the unique needs of the resident in his or her Home.While exclusively providing pharmaceutical and clinical services to Long Term Care Homes and Retirement Residences over the past 14 years in Ontario, very strong professional relationships with Classic Care have grown. The Classic Care team has worked together with Administrators, Executive Directors, Directors of Care, and Home Physicians in the development of many continuous quality control protocols, policies and procedures, and educational programs reflective of current trends and Ministry of Health and Long Term Care standards.



We are a small and unique home that will provide you with a Jewish home living environment geared to those who are in need of assisted living.We provide full-time residence or short stay with all levels of care. At L’chaim you can enjoy your “golden age” while knowing that all of your needs are being taken care of, all the while encouraging residents to maintain their independence, continuing to grow intellectually and making new friendships. L’chaim dedicated and devoted professionals strive to provide the best care for each and every resident, we value individuality and understand that each resident is unique. We offer a wide range of activities using the Montessori Method in an uplifting environment that allows you to live life to its fullest. Here at L’chaim, we don’t just provide care we do care to improve your quality of life; we care with respect, tenderness and compassion. We add life to your years!

L’chaim occupies a unique middle ground – a perfect fit for seniors who require special attention for physical and cognitive impairments but who also want to retain their sense of independence and dignity. Our assistant living programs and caring staff allow them to do just that. Here at L’chaim we offer a unique retirement environment unlike no other. Since L’chaim is a relatively small home we are able to offer and accommodate all the residents with the best personal care and a home-y atmosphere where no resident feels lonely or over looked. L’chaim is unique because we care to promote the greatest well being for the residents. We stand by our model of compassion, devotion, dignity and attention to every small detail in our resident’s needs and condition. The size of the home allows the residents to access from one place to another without getting lost or getting tired. Our facilities provide for private family functions and also a place where grandchildren and great-grandchildren love to come and visit. L’chaim is a home that stands high above the rest because of its unparalleled atmosphere, warm & caring environment.



While the use of the Montessori methods cannot cure dementia, it can help address symptoms, delaying its progression. More importantly, the creation of a healthy environment, tailored towards the needs of individuals with dementia can help to not only alleviate the negative behavioural symptoms that accompany the disease, but contribute to a better quality of life.

Using the Montessori Methods for Dementia™ has proven to have a positive effect on engagement, behaviour and mood.

At Dementia Support Seniors Day Program we are committed to creating this healthy environment tailored to each individual’s needs. The uniqueness of this program working with individuals with dementia will challenge our communities in their approach to this disease. Dementia Support Seniors Day Program will support individuals and educate caregivers. We will create a secure environment that is meaningful; improving the quality of life for those with dementia symptoms as well as those providing their care.

To learn more about detecting dementia symptoms and helping seniors with dementia, contact us today.



“I live to create and have done so all my life. My photography, film, and music are natural extensions of all that came before: painting, drawing, martial arts, eastern and western philosophy, psychology, a lived life, and all other variables unknown to me.”



Jason Kalra is the owner and principal of AbundantWords, a copywriting firm that serves business, marketing agencies and media organizations worldwide. He wholeheartedly supports the difficult — yet essential — work that The Memory Loss Foundation is doing to address Canada’s dementia epidemic. Learn more about Jason and AbundantWords at www.abundantwords.biz



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Canadian Bullion Services ranks among the top precious metals dealers in Canada. Its management has more than 50 years of financial services experience and one of the most respected names in the industry. The firm’s superior reputation testifies to the exceptional customer service and professional excellence, which sets it apart from the competition. In addition, the firm ranks as an industry leader in precious metals research and analysis — an expertise we share with our clientele on a daily basis. The Canadian Bullion Services’ website demonstrates our commitment to keeping the public informed. The website is continually updated and it provides a wealth of free information, which can help you make informed decisions regarding your purchases and sales of gold, silver, platinum and palladium.



Mavencare was conceived after the founders each experienced similar challenges finding and managing quality home care for their grandparents. Collectively, the team decided there had to be a better way.

Using their collective experience in healthcare, senior care and technology, the company was born with the goal of providing the highest quality, family focused home care.  Our Vision to revolutionize home health care; to create a world where people can live out their lives in the comfort of their own homes. Our mission is to provide home care with revolutionary convenience, quality and transparency allowing seniors to age at home feeling connected and cared for by their families, friends, and loved ones.

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