• Montessori Philosophy

    The Montessori method was developed by Maria Montessori, MD., PhD, over one hundred years ago, as a tool to teach children deemed “unreachable”. Dr. Cameron Camp is responsible for the research that connected Dr. Montessori’s principals & techniques to reaching people with dementia. This method was proven successful as it is based on the use of muscle memory.

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    Montessori Philosophy
  • It’s Time to Act

    Dementia is the fastest growing disease among our aging population. We can no longer wait for a solution.
    It’s in our hands to make a difference.
    It’s time to act!
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    It’s Time to Act
  • Dementia is an Epidemic

    Seniors are in distress. Caregivers are exhausted.
    Healthcare facilities are struggling to do more with
    less resources. Let’s work together to make to make
    it better.
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    Dementia is an Epidemic
  • Sponsor a Project

    There is no cure for dementia.
    But you can help us CARE where it’s needed most.
    Learn how you can sponsor a project and make a difference TODAY!
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    Sponsor a Project
  • Do You Need Help?

    Whether you are a senior, healthcare professional, or caregiver, we can help. Learn how we can make your journey ahead safer, easier and better.
    Call us today to see how we can help.
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    Do You Need Help?

The Dementia Epidemic
30 Million around the world…and Rising

Hard working medical researchers have yet to find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease or any other form of dementia. For now, all we have are costly medications that temporarily relieve symptoms, yet trigger an array of side effects that range from debilitating to unbearable. At the same time, our health care system cannot bear the overwhelming burden of this epidemic. There aren’t enough specialists, facilities or funds. Government “austerity approaches” offer less and less at a time when more and more is needed.

But there is a Way to HELP!

Even though we don’t yet have a cure for dementia, there is a way that YOU can help deliver an abundance of CARE to the people who need it most: seniors with dementia, health care professionals and caregivers. What’s more, you can make a difference exactly when it’s most needed: NOW! It all happens when you support the Memory Loss Foundation.

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Montessori Methods

Caregivers Support

Success Story

Before I started the Day Program, I was sitting at home alone and I had no reason to wake up in the morning. My memory was deteriorating more and more each day because I wasn’t doing anything all day. Now that I am coming to the Day Program I have a reason to get out of bed. I am greeted everyday by warm and welcoming faces and I feel I have a purpose again–Satisfied Participant, H.R.

I am still in shock from my visit to Dementia support, the place was a hub of activity. You had about 5 or 6 activity tables going and all the members were busy doing things at all of them. Everyone was engaged and seemed so happy! All the caregivers were stationed to work one on one or one on two with the members. I have never seen such effort and attention given to each person. I am so grateful to you and your staff for providing such a nurturing and stimulating environment for my mother. I think Dementia support is G-d’s gift to families and I thank you.–Hugs and more, A.S.

I wanted to express my gratitude to everyone at Dementia Support Day Program for the amazing work that you are all doing with my mother. Given her diagnosis and lack of motivation to engage in any kind of activity, my brother and I sadly watched our mother withdraw into a shadow of who she really was. Since participating in your program at Dementia Support she has regained her confidence, is showing interest in the world around her, and in general seems much happier. She knows your staff by name and refers to your driver as her boyfriend. We now feel confident that thanks to your efforts we have extended her time in independent living. Of course safety is our first concern, however we are happy to provide our mother with the added stimulation and enjoyment that offers her a better quality of life. Keep up the good work, our community is lucky to have you in our midst–Ruth F.